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Our Story

From faithful combatants of omen’s rights to impressive designers, our collections are inspired by a mixed of females around the world and a fashionable Yonaland's community. Exclusively crated by our talented team, our YONALAND brand conveys a luxury aesthetic to every beautiful woman on the world, regardless of time or space. We know your style evolves, so we offer you the look you need to slay. We're always trendy.


Intimates seemed to always be the staple piece, so throwback years, we pursued an approach and tailored our aesthetic to match our taste.  We create with the intention of encouraging you to spring your wings, to be seductive just as you are, and to be proudly you. From Paradise to the world, we are leading online global fantasy intimates and beachwear brand with cult social Media following. We have no signs of stopping. Follow YONALAND on Instagram to discover our striking collections, and to ask for ambassadorship program.


Start investing in your own sensuality, it’s what increases your own sense of self-worth. Inspired by life, dreams, the magic of heavenly beaches, and the beauty of woman body that is comfortable in her perfect imperfection,
we want you to embody the message of a sparklier version of you, to face advertising and the opinions of others. Metamorphosis, it starts within and manifests itself though others.
Make your sweet dreams now shorter, Spring your wings of love, Let us inspire you to bring out the brightest you.